12WBT… Week 1 exercise update

I have a love for dance so incorporating Zumba into my fitness program was always going to be a positive for me but this week could be described purely by the photo above.  I spent part of this week winching every time I moved but one positive of all this exercise was sleeping remarkably well all week.  Below is the break down of my week 1 exercise:

Sunday – Zumba Fitness Express DVD (20mins), Running to Learn Program 5 walk:15 run/walk:5 work, mountain climbers and dumbbell squats

Monday – Zumba Fitness DVD Sculpt & Tone (45mins)

Tuesday – 5min X trainer, 13min run/walk, 5min X trainer, 20min bike

Wednesday – 5min run, Super Sets: sumo squats/3kg dumbbell bench press; static lunges with 2kg dumbbell/pushups; step ups/tricep pushups on knees; scapular wall slide/sumo squat lower half; jump over the bench, burpees on back of bench, last Super Set: Crunches/crunch pulses. (40 min total)

Thursday – Pilates DVD 52min

Friday – {Super Session} – Zumba Fitness Live DVD 55mins, 2.5km slow run, 1km power walk, Zumba Fitness Flat Abs DVD 15min (total 1hr50min)

The program has been devised for a number of different workout areas: gym, gym equipment, outdoors and at home.  I have taken the liberty to take elements from all to make a program that I was going to actually stick too.  This week I have also registered to participate in two runs at the end of the twelve weeks.  One a 10km Dubai Desert Road Run and another an 8km Skins Series Race.  So part of my training is going to include long runs building up to those distances.

At work I sit on a fit ball so with my DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) being in full force this week; getting up and down off my fit ball cause more than a few whinges and winces coming from me much to the giggles of the colleagues around me.  Steps posed a challenge as did raising my arms above my head to do my hair.  Whilst tomorrow is officially my rest day from training I will be doing some yoga stretching and meditating so that I can be primed and ready for week two.

It’s now time to start planning next weeks meals and exercises… Who would ever thought I would be so organised!

Blessed Be

Robyn xox


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