12WBT… Week 1 eating update…

OUCH OUCH OUCH is about all I can initially say about my first week of the 12WBT.  I went into this challenge with my eyes well open but I admit I did forget how painful it was getting back into fitness and healthy eating.  5 days since starting the 12WBT its time for an update on how my healthy eating is progressing.

‘the offending lunchbox’

The area that I thought I would have the biggest problems with was work lunches.  Each day we head to Ibn Buttuta Mall for lunch and its a very social affair plus gets me out of the glass box which is my office.  The genius idea however of taking my cut lunch with me to the mall and eating with everyone else, goes to my bosses wife – bravo its a stella idea!  The next hurdle was the horrific lunch box I had purchased, I have no idea why I brought a stripy box that I knew even as I looked at it that I wouldn’t want to carry.

So mid week I treated myself to a lovely Longchamp Le Pliage bag in graphite as my lunch bag.  Call me a snob if you will because a US$85.00 lunch bag is a pretty snobby thing to do.  However if I am to follow my meal plan and maintain carrying my lunch to work; the horrendously ugly stripped thing just wasn’t going to cut it.  So when broken down, carrying the expensive lunch bag each day for the next 11 weeks I have left on ‘this’ challenge equates to roughly US1.50 a day.  I don’t even need to justify it to myself, it makes perfect sense that if I desire to continue carrying my lunch to work, the funky Le Pliage is value for money.

‘the snob lunch bag’

On the snob note: I already live in the Burj Khalifa and travel in gold class on the metro, so its not like I am not already a little corporate snobby.  So I really don’t mind having my Longchamp lunch bag.

I had a number of ‘A ha’ moments already this week but one of the weirdest things occurred to me when preparing one of the wraps.  Spreading the cottage cheese over the Mountain Bread got me thinking of the irony that we eat a food that looks very similar to what we want our thighs to stop looking like.  Life certainly has a quirky sense of humour.

Calorie counting was the next major hurdle I had to get over.  I have never bothered to remotely consider the calories I intake to the calories that I expend.  Up until the last couple of years I was fit in the military and had genetics and age on my side.  So counting my calorie intake has become a little novelty not only to me but to the guys I work with.   One of my colleagues had McDonalds and tipping over the place mat it the calorie count for their foods.  His one meal was more than my daily allowance.

My diet has been certainly has been amazingly better in the last 5 days than it has for simple ages.  No redbull, no hot chips, no take-away and no birthday cake at work (this hurt to eat 30g of nuts and dried berries while everyone else at a slice of cake).  Monitoring of my calorie intake yielded interesting results.

  • Sunday – 1207 calories
  • Monday – 1123 calories – Major headaches today
  • Tuesday – 1341 calories – Slight headache
  • Wednesday – 1135 calories
  • Thursday – 1554 calories – extra healthy snacks 🙂

At an average of 1272 calories per day I am certainly on track to a healthier me.  Stay turned for my next blog that describes the reasons behind the three ouches!

Blessed Be

Robyn xox


6 thoughts on “12WBT… Week 1 eating update…

  1. stacey

    How did you go in the end? I am thinking of joining up for the Round 3…. What does the outdoor circuit involve? There are no gyms near me… but I do have a treadmill and cross trainer…. Would love to hear your thoughts on it all.

    1. AussieButterfly Post author

      Hi Stacey, sorry I was completely off wordpress for a bit. In the end I haven’t done another 12WBT but if you have a treadmill and a cross trainer I would get some of their DVD’s and do a combination of outdoor and at home which is what I did. You will feel amazing!


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