12WBT…Week 1 Plan

Although the official start date of 12WBT is Monday, I am starting tomorrow (12 Feb 2012) as this is the first day of the working week in the UAE.  So this morning in preparation I decided to do the fitness test.  I must of looked a strange sight heading off out the building this morning with my ruler, notebook, mat, stopwatch and water-bottle but I was vaguely nervous and a little excited about doing the test.  The fitness test consisted of 5 parts and below are my results:

  • 1km time trail: 5.30 mins (Intermediate level)
  • Push ups (1 min): 21 on toes & 11 on knees (Intermediate level)
  • Abdominal Strength Test (5 phase test): Level 4 (Advanced level)
  • Wall Sit: 1.05 mins (Intermediate level)
  • Sit & Reach: +10 cms (Advanced level)

Now my own results somewhat shocked me.  I had been feeling extremely unfit and  was at the point of not wanting to look in the mirror anymore.  So when my results revealed that despite my own insecurities I was at an intermediate level overall I had to adjust my thoughts and the plan I originally had for my fitness.

The result was planning my weekly schedule as follows:

Day Activity
Sunday Zumba fitness DVD 20 min express

Running – Learn to Run 15 mins

Mountain Climbers and Dumbbell Squats

Monday Zumba fitness DVD 45 min Sculpt & Tone
Tuesday Walk 5 mins

Running – Learn to Run 15 mins

Cross trainer 10 mins

Bike 20 mins

Wednesday Outdoor Circuit in Gym
Thursday Pilates or Yoga DVD 50 mins
Friday Super Friday Session – Zumba fitness DVD – Cardio Party (50 mins) and Sculpt & Tone (45 mins)
Saturday REST DAY

There is a very good reason I am posting this on my blog: accountability!  If I post on my blog and my facebook I know I am going to feel very uncomfortable if I don’t complete it.  It’s far to easy not to want to get up at 0500 eat a banana and then head out to the gym.  In fact at this very moment all my muscles are straining and all I really want to do is curl up in bed and never climb out again.  Though I am acutely aware that if I don’t train my insecurities of my health and fitness will increase and I would rather not go there.

On a very good note today though, I meet three other Dubai based 12WBTers today.  Great to meet with other people all embarking on the next 12 weeks and planning to do our fitness tests together – always gets your adrenaline running and you push a little harder so I am really looking forward to that.  For now however; my bed is calling as that alarm clock is set for dark o’clock (something slightly wrong with getting up when its pitch black to train) and I still need to organise my lunch-box to have my turkey and cranberry wrap and snacks ready for work tomorrow.

Blessed Be

Robyn xox


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