12WBT… Organising and Measuring…

With just days till I officially start the 12WBT I am in the final stages of my preseason.  In my last post I cleaned out my kitchen and starting making much better choices with the food I was buying.  I allowed myself the ability to still eat a few bad foods prior to the start but all in all I was eating much better than I had in months.  I even cooked at home a couple of times – this is unusual for me lately despite actually loving to cook.

Task 7 was ‘Organise and Diarise’ and planning my life out for a month was a little daunting.  After putting down on paper my french lessons, my mothers arrival to Dubai, commitments, work schedule and where I planned to exercise, shopping, and weekly cooking I realised I was actually over extending myself and that with my current level of commitments I was setting myself up to fail.  I deleted some commitments and planned in enough rest and down time.  I have previously made myself sick when not allowing adequate time to rest.   I also noted red flag periods were there was the potential not to stick to my food plan and exercise program.

Onto the next task that almost brings tears to my eyes as a picture does not lie when you put it in front of you and you can see what you haven’t been doing.  Task 8 led to the picture on the left being taken.  ‘Measure Up’ has had me freaking out as I knew I would have to take before and after photos.  I have used this technique before and it is a motivating tool but its also enough to make me want to eat some hot chips – how is that for self-defeating behaviour!

The most curious thing about taking my measurements was that I proved to myself that whilst I am unfit I have a distorted view of my body.  When I first starting looking at doing the 12WBT or by making healthy food choices I was already within my healthy weight range.   At 170 cm tall with a medium frame my healthy weight range is 59 – 66kg.  So my focus on doing the 12WBT has now changed.

I don’t need to lose weight though I know I am going to lose weight as continue to train as I will be losing fat.  The positive thing is that as I increase muscle strength the weight will return.  Looking, however, at my photo I realise I seriously need to tone up and try stopping my butt from slipping further down the back of my things.  My general level of fitness needs to be increased (about 10 fold – running up the stairs at the metro isn’t impossible but still makes me need to suck in the big ones).

Next 12WBT blog I will give you a snap shot of my eating plan (I refuse to use the word diet as this is about planning for a better life not a quick fix) and my exercise schedule.  Tomorrow morning I will complete the first fitness test and then Sunday morning I will start the 12WBT.  Whilst everyone in Australia I am sure is doing it from Monday to Sunday as per the plan because I am in the UAE I decided to bring it forward a day to fit with my weekends being Friday and Saturday.

Blessed Be

Robyn xox


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