12WBT….Kitchen Makeover….

I’ve previously written about my battles with food and controlling it, I also live above the Dubai Mall which provides ample food outlets for me to visit rather than cook for myself.  Task Six of my 12WBT is a kitchen makeover.  I opened my fridge and despite the tim tams which I had already thrown away the rest is still there.  Its a rather bleak looking fridge.  Though I am a true Aussie girl, my Vegemite is center stage!

My freezer didn’t hold much more excitement: ice-cream, a few portioned frozen pastas, grated cheese and paratha (which I disliked when I ate the first piece but still have the last 3 pieces which I know I won’t eat).   No wonder I am unenthusiastic about cooking at home when my fridge and freezer holds nothing interesting other than the Vegemite and I don’t even have bread or crisps to put it on.

My cupboard as least shows I try to be healthy.  Seaweed strips, canned tuna and sardines, dried mushrooms, a number of different types of herbal teas, low salt soy sauce, oats, miso soup, brown rice and dried beans. So the next step is going through the shopping list Mish has prepared and hitting the shops but I will be omitting anchovies and olives from my list.  I have my limits and eating them is just not going to make me smile therefore I am not going to attempt to eat foods I already know I dislike.

I will confess I am nervous that I won’t will be able to maintain a healthy diet for 12 weeks let alone maintaining a healthy eating plan for life.  I was eating well and giving myself permission for treats but I am an emotional eater or more to the point for me limited eating.  Guess the next few weeks are going to be emotional and also enlightening for me.  I am going to learn more about myself again and I am not so much as looking forward to that but I am ready.  I wonder if you too are going through change and personal development?

Blessed Be

Robyn xox


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