12WBT – Committing to a new me…

I have been lacking motivation to get out of bed in the mornings and train.  In fact for years I could probably say I lacked motivation for one excuse or another.  So when I saw a post on a Facebook that a girl I knew had committed to 12WBT I was at first thinking what on earth is she talking about.  Google (one of my favourite websites) showed that 12WBT was 12 Week Body Transformation by Michelle Bridges.  For those not in the know she is a personal fitness trainer on Australia’s ‘The Biggest Loser’.

As I started reading through the website I realised this quite possibly was just what I needed to kick myself in the butt and get off the couch (I do note the irony that I am blogging about this on my butt on the couch) and get back the Robyn that I love.  Not this person who recently turned 35 and noticed that my butt actually is the same size as Kim Kardashian’s but her’s is toned and not slipping down the back of her thighs slowly.

Interestingly, Kim Kardashian body measurements are 38:26:39 and mine are 38:32:38 so whilst hips and bust are the same she has a super tiny waist.  I am not aiming at all to get my waist that small.  I would like to get to 30 but I am not doing this to shrink my body size.  My goal is to lose the excess weight creeping onto my hips, stomach and thighs.  Tone and strengthen the rest of my body and get back into running and generally just feeling amazing.

So I have now completed 5 of the preseason tasks.  Task 1 was to ‘Introduce Yourself’, so on the site I gave my brief profile and explained to them that I was once a fit soldier and now a lazy Dubai resident.   Task 2, ‘ Get Real’, I looked at my excuses and the truth about my lack of fitness is pretty hard to ignore – I have done it too myself.  Task 3, ‘Set Your Goals’ was a interesting challenge for me.  I really debated if I wanted to run then realised my life list has that I want to compete in a marathon and I realised that in almost one year to the day the Dubai Marathon will be on.  So tick; 12 month goal is to complete the Dubai Marathon.  My other goals include climbing Mt Toubkal and Kilimanjaro with maximum strength and fitness.

Task 4, ‘Gear Up’ is not hard for me, I own workout clothes, I have two gyms in the building I live in and there are plenty of safe areas to train outside (during the cooler months).  Ipod and heart-rate monitor are both ticks, though I think I need to replace the battery on my heart-rate monitor. Task 5, ‘Say It Out Loud’ is pretty simply after honestly looking at myself in the previous tasks.  So I have committed myself to Michelle’s 12WBT challenge and I am now telling the world.  The next few weeks will include looking at my timetable and planning, my kitchen (might need to put some food other than ice-cream and 4/20 pies in the fridge).

So Sunday 12 February 2012 is the official start of my body transformation and I hope that you are all there with me supporting me and giving me an extra reason to train and blog about it so I don’t fall even further behind and my butt reaching the back of my knees.  Unpleasant thought that one is.  Here is to life, health and fitness oh and yes I am petrified that I won’t go through with this which is why I am blogging about it.  Keeping myself accountable and on track.

Blessed be, Robyn xox


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