Driving Over Lemons Trilogy…

I have long been a self confessed book lover but recently I read Chris Stewart’s Driving Over Lemons Trilogy.  I don’t normally do book reviews and this isn’t a review as much as a screaming from the roof tops if you like foreign countries, travels and laughs to read his books.  His delightfully light and humorous telling of putting his and his wives life savings into a farm on the wrong side of the river in rural Spain have flooded my fantasies of running off to Spain.

Almost 15 years ago I saw a documentary of rural Spain and a family that grew all their own fruit and vegetables, kept goats and made goats cheese and lived a very simple life.  I have wanted to run away to Spain a number of times since watching that documentary and perhaps the strangest thing is that I have not gone to Spain in all my travels.

Chris’s life while certainly facing its hard times seems just wonderful to me.  Living with the people you love in a rural farm setting, writing, eating and generally loving life and nature.  Sounds wonderful to me. It almost seems hypocritical given I live in the worlds tallest building, pay for a cleaner and often eat at any number of different restaurants in the mall rather than cook.

Despite all that I can see myself one day packing up and moving into a small rundown farm and building it up and living a rural outdoors life with the love of my life, a few children and of course some runty dogs.  What a wonderful day that will be!

Blessed Be

Robyn xox


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