Courage to climb…

Mt Triglav SloveniaCombine a little bit of courage, a lot of stupidity along with 2,864 meters and Mt Triglav was climbed.  Mt Triglav is the highest mountain in Slovenia and the highest peak within the Julian Alps.  My experience in mountain climbing or mountaineering is really quiet little.  The only real little bump I climbed was Cooorooa Mountain in Pomona, Queensland Australia at a massive height of 438 meters.  I had hiked through the Blue Mountains in New South Wales but never had I even remotely attempted anything strenuous.

So what makes a girl decide that 2,864 meters would be a walk in the park.  I still have no idea completely other than that perhaps a mountain; a physical rock, is much easier to conquer than dealing with private issues.  The trek to the peak is filled with moments of exhilaration intertwined with frustrating, tedious and hair-raising moments and thoughts of perhaps I should just turn around now.

Reaching the peak of a mountain can be a metaphor to reaching the peak of situations in my personal life as well.  I have conquered many person challenges in the past and without fail will need to face more in the coming weeks, months and years.  Remembering that the exhilaration felt when standing on top of the world and realising that all those one foot in front of the other, the moments of shear terror and bone chilling sadness, the love and tenderness of wonderful relationships, all make up the moments that equate to our lives.  There is far more in life than just a ray of sunshine at the end of the climb.  Sometimes its a slog and filled with anxiety, more often than not for me its smiles and wonderful experiences.

Transferring the courage to climb a mountain to the courage to face my fears in other areas of my life is a daily battle but one I love facing.  What do you need courage to face today? Perhaps pretend your climbing a mountain and that the exhilaration at the end is going to be more than enough to push you forward.

Blessed Be

Robyn xox


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