Forgetting who I am….

Firstly, my apologies for being away for so long.  I got a little lost per say and forgot how much I loved blogging and sharing my adventures to the world.  Since I was last on here I have been to Istanbul, Slovenia and Bahrain.  I have also had a number of medical issues and fallen in love.  So needless to say the last three months have been somewhat an emotional roller-coaster that aside from the medical issues I would repeat over and over again.

That said my medical concerns have been vital for me to remember certain things about myself.  I hadn’t been looking after myself as much as I should have.  I had stopped ALL forms of fitness and living above a mall meant I was far too often eating take away for dinner.  I was also not standing up for myself in certain situations and in the end it took its toll.  Though the last few months haven’t been all doom and gloom.

In September, my girlfriend Kathryn and I took on a challenge that my above admission of no fitness and bad eating should have precluded me from even attempting it! We climbed Mt Triglav in Slovenia.  2864 mtrs and a 15 hour return hike/climb later both of us were sore and questioning our sanity but at the same time thrilled that we’d done it.  Though I think if I ever ask Kathryn to come mountain climbing with me again she might think of ways of harming me.

My medical issues brought me crashing to a complete stop, literally! A couple of days of tears and thinking what I was doing to contribute to my lack of health made me realise I was trying to do way too much professionally and personally without balance.  I read Christiane Northrup M.D’s book, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom and released I was no longer being true to myself.  Firstly, I stopped blogging; secondly, I was eating enough sugar and refined carbs to sink a small island; fourthly, I was working inefficiently professionally and lastly, I hadn’t dealt with issues that happened many years ago.

My personal research led me to understand that memories can be locked in your muscles and then when I had a surgical procedure all the locked memories came flooding back.   Though this bunch of flowers reminded me that life is a series of events and that sometimes past events shape you exactly how you are meant to be so that you can shine.

To warn you now as likely my next blogs will be about Zumba (part of my get fit plan), healthy eating (bailey isn’t so bad after all) and being in love but the travel adventures will still continue and the planning of the next trip is next on my agenda for today.  I hope you enjoy me being back as much I am enjoying sharing my adventures again.

Love Robyn xoxo


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