Planning is half the fun…

When I got an itch to start traveling after I moved to Dubai, my collection of lonely planet guidebooks and travel inspired books has increased as did my passion for unusual travel.  I now can spend countless hours researching locations, flights, buses to random sights and most importantly is it something that might make other people go why?

I’ve never been to Bali yet it seems to be a right of passage for Australian’s.  I will go there one day as I have friends that live there and every year a group of like-minded friends go there but for now the idea of visiting a grotto in Lebanon or visiting Chernobyl fits more with my travel style.

I get my love of adventure from my mother.  No she is not a global traveler but she does get in a car and drive.  She has some amazing road trips through Queensland to visit family and the photos she takes are beautiful. Though unlike me her photos rarely include herself but they always include some of the most amazing natural sights.

I have been planning the next six months worth of travels and some days my little heart is pumping so hard because the working out what flights to take, which hostel to stay and what possible mountain I can climb or totally strange adventure can I do.

I have attempted travel hacking but I have not much of a head for the numbers that you need to maintain and working out which frequent flyers program they work with.  Also I tend to fly to places from Dubai that I can reach by FlyDubai for extremely reasonable costs that don’t warrant me booking a flight a couple of hundred dollars more that doesn’t suit my timings for a mediocre number of points.

Planning my travels has opened my heart to different cultures and makes me want to stay away from anywhere that has mass tourism especially of the drunken young Western types.  I only need to watch facebook updates of people getting drunk in foreign countries but not visiting the huge Buddha status just down the roads for the ‘tourist club strips’.

Everyone has a right to their own style of travel but the unusual and the intrepid adventures in countries that don’t feature on the average bucket list is where I will be drawn to.

Blessed Be

Robyn xox


One thought on “Planning is half the fun…

  1. madryy

    Yeah I agree, I’d love to take off and just leave everything and go explore or something ;p I’m just waiting for the opportunity and freedom to do so one day.


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