Tears for friends….

My apologies for not updating sooner, some small personal things had happened.  My new relationship ended (good thing that) and work got busy but today I was reminded  that I started blogging for a reason and that I must continue writing regardless of whether I am tried or stressed.

Today I learnt yet another person I went to school with had likely committed suicide.  Sadly a number of people I went to school with have taken their lives far to young.  What shocked me most is remember my dark days.  For years I was somewhat suicidal myself, deep dark thoughts plagued me for years and many times I couldn’t see the light of day.

I am very glad the universe had much bigger plans for me or perhaps I would have succumb to my dark years.  I see so much beauty in the world today, from the small kids laughing at each other, the sun rising through the dusk shining bright red, the smile of a cute boy on the metro, and the smell of roses that remind me so much of my youth and my Nana’s rose garden.

After hearing of Dallas’s death, my heart dropped but then a girlfriend skyped and asked if I wanted to meet her in Istanbul in a couple of weeks to explore it and catch up after a couple of years apart.  I was also planning a trip to meet up with another dear friend.  I am forever grateful that I wasn’t very successful at taking any steps that would have prevented this day.

I think about my family and my friends and even though I am so very far away from them I am so very blessed.  I have just had my cousin and her husband spend a couple of days with me.  It never fails to make me feel like a teenager again having her around.  Though we are both well past our teenage years now!

It is my plea that you look around at all your friends and family and ask them how they are really are and if you are the one that is depressed or not happy speak up! Life is an amazing journey so let the sunshine brightly on you and enjoy each moment.  Not to sound too self-helpy but read positive books, change the things in your life that aren’t working, take time to meditate and pray.  Above all take time to remember how good your life really is.

Tonight I have shred tears for past friends and for those that are left behind.  I also wish to say to my friends and family that I love them so much and I am so grateful that ours lives are intertwined.

Blessed Be

Robyn xox


2 thoughts on “Tears for friends….

  1. Simon

    I’m glad that you didn’t succumb to your dark thoughts like too many of our friends from school have. They say that you need to experience the dark to appreciate the light – I’m glad that you are now focussing on the light in your life.



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