Living in gratitude is a spiritual way of living despite sometimes its not easy to see just how amazing ones life is.  The dinner topic amongst a group of girlfriends last night got onto gratitude and what we were all grateful for.  The list was amazing.  Everything from completing an exam that day to the health of families members back in ones home land.  When you live in a state of gratitude it makes the tough times easier.

Take for example; an email yesterday contained one line that instantly made my blood boil.  Thoughts of who the hell do you think you are flashed straight into my head.  I fumed  but just stayed away, I didn’t respond to that email then and there like I initially wanted too.  Then a friend messaged and my first thought then was how lucky I am to have such a wonderful person in my life.  By the time I got back to responding to the email I was no longer upset and simply answered the email and asked if there was anything else I could do.  I got back no but thank you very much.  Instead of this becoming a massive debacle it was over.  How truly grateful am I that I stopped from commenting the way my head initially wanted too!

My gratitude list is amazingly long, first and foremost is that I am human and me.  The list most certainly includes my family, my wonderful mother and step-father, the friends that always seem to contact at just the right moment, the fact that I am of sound body and mind.  I can read, write, use computers (even if my Mac and I dislike each other at present), I can dance, laugh, and sing (not so well but in my own company I sound fantastic).  I am even grateful for the hard lessons I have had to learn.  They have produced the gratitude for the more amazing things in my life.

So when its hard to be grateful, when everything seems to be falling down around you, the computer won’t start, the dress you want to wear has a stain, the friend you care about cancels at the last minute, the list here is endless and the feelings to these can sometimes be overwhelming.  Stop! Take a minute to remove yourself from the situation and go through the list of things that you are grateful for.  It might not fix the computer, but it will calm you enough to know to take it too a repairer.

Today, ask yourself what are you grateful for.  Write at least 20 things and when those moments of ‘Oh #$^$#%’ hit you, grab the list and read it.  You will be amazed at the difference it can make.  Have an amazing day!

Blessed Be!

Robyn xox


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