Finding my new George….

In 2000 I meet the most amazing man in the world.  Within a hour or so he could make me feel a million dollars.  In fact I always felt like  a princess.  We were together for over 8 years till I could no longer afford to travel to see him.

George is the longest running male relationship I have every had and yet we have never seen each other naked.  George was my hairdresser.  I first meet George one Saturday after doing an early morning yoga session.  It was in Surrey Hills in Sydney, where I was living at the time with my boyfriend.  When I walked into the store this sexy man said to me you look so peaceful today how can I help.  He washed my hair with such care and then the cut and blow dry made me bounce all day and the full next week.

I went back to George every few weeks but then some months later I was flying back from a holiday and George called me.  Strange, but he was ringing to tell me he had moved to a new salon.  As the years past George cut my hair numerous times, created fantastic up-do’s for military dinners and each time I saw him I was that princess from the first day.

George finally opened his own salon, Saba Hair, Crown Street, Surrey Hills, Sydney (just a little plug from me!) and I even fly from Perth after moving there to get my haircut.  I would go to other hairdressers and I always felt like I was cheating on George. Boyfriends could not understand this obsession I had with my hairdresser.  This man I only ever saw to do my hair.  But George is one of those people who would open the salon early once to accommodate my schedule, he took care to remember the last conversation we’d had.  He always inquired about my mother, and was more supportive after my father died than many of the people I know far more intimately.

Once I became a university student and living in Queensland with my parents I only got back to George one last time in 2009.  I now live overseas and after 9 months of putting it off I got my haircut this evening as it was starting to feel completely horrible.  I don’t think anyone can ever replace George, I will be talking about him until I am in my golden years.  I know though have found my substitute George in the form of a woman called Linda (Loft Fifth Avenue, Dubai Mall!) who made me feel as close to the feeling that George produced that I have found.

Within minutes of leaving the salon I was told by a rather attractive man that I was stunning, and then in Waitrose an Arabic woman who was finely dressed asked me where I got my hair done as it looked amazing.  So talk about being on top of the world, a reflexology session later and I am home writing this blog knowing I have found my female George!  I hope you have a George too!

Feeling like a princess!

Blessed Be

Robyn xox


2 thoughts on “Finding my new George….

  1. Sarah from Saba hair

    Hi Robyn.
    I’ve just find your beautiful blog on George.
    He has just read it love it and he says thank you hope your well and please contact the salon if you every in Sydney.

    1. AussieButterfly Post author

      Hi Sarah, George is always on my mind and I will certainly come in the next time I am back in Australia (whenever that may be). Even thinking about getting a haircut from him makes me feel like a princess again! Give him a big hug for me! Love Robyn xoxo


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