Taking my own advice….

I have suffered the same self inflicted malady as many people, for many years I have battled extremely low self-esteem, poor body imagine and not much faith in myself.  I have read numerous self-help books over the years and whilst its all good advice at the time I didn’t know how to implement it.  Then I realised that I was trying to change my surroundings and make my life better but it was me I had to change me and whatever I was doing not my surrounds.  I have changed so much at times I am not sure if some people would even recognise me.

Though I did go to a party when someone from high school who hadn’t seen me in almost 15 years said I hadn’t changed at all, whilst he was chugging down a rum, smoking a cigarette and had just had a joint.  I wondered how I hadn’t changed when I no longer drink, smoke, do drugs or even drink coffee not mention I have had a few plastic surgeries procedures that are extremely obvious to anyone that actually took notice and I was dressed far differently to anyone else in the room.

I know that when you want to really learn something you need to teach others so this is where taking my own advice hits in.  I have brought books I loved for others when they were going through something similar to me, I have given sound advice on many matters that I have been through myself.  I have given the advice I would want to hear if I was going through things.  So when my own affairs call for taking advice, why is it that when it comes to taking my own advice I am the worst offender.

When it comes to certain facets of my life I am really still learning how best to deal with things and what the next steps in the situations should be.  I can tell you what foods to eat, what sort of exercise to do to not look like Madonna on steroids and why its beneficial for you.  I can tell you how not to do a relationship and how to let go of people that draw your energy away from you.

Though I need to repeatedly say to myself ‘let go and let God’, then my own huge issues (read minor things made huge in my own mind) will resolve themselves if I do nothing and not over-think everything and make assumptions on other peoples actions.  So tonight I am taking my own advice, I am watching a movie I love, eating some chocolate and switching off the mind.  Tomorrow is a new day and today will just be a memory!

Blessed Be

Robyn xox


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