Tattooed Thug….apparently…

Since I was about 8 or 9 I fell in love with tattoos.  There was a picture of model with a sunflower on her foot and a dolphin on her other ankle.  I instantly decided that I want tattoos.  It has never bothered me about what people say but last night I had to giggle.  Dressed up lovely in a sleeveless dress, dinner at a really lovely restaurant when the couple at the next table whose conversation all night at been about everyone else in the restaurant.

I had to giggle when she stroked her arm at the same place where I have a tattoo and pointed over in my direction.  Not sure if she understood the concept of peripheral vision but considering she was sitting diagonally opposite me I had a perfect view of her actions, so I looked directly at her and then her husband and they both went bright red.  Neither though really cared of the fact they had been busted as five minutes they were talking about a group two tables over.

After dinner a stroll through the mall draw more looks at me for my tattoos, guess I looked like a thug dressed in a pretty frock.  People’s individualities sometimes frighten those that are unable to accept other people for who they are.  I like my tattoos and if you are a clean skin that is your choice.  Interesting that the fact that I have tattoos can be of interest other people.  Least whilst they are looking at me they are leaving others alone and little do they know it, giving me material to blog about! So thank you!

I am not a thug because I like tattoos.  I am someone who likes tattoos.  The journey my my tattoos tell is one that is very personal to me and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Blessed Be

Robyn xox


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