Booking trains…

17 days till my next adventure; Bucharest to Budapest by train.  I figured it would be a case of just logging online and couple of clicks and booked.  Just like booking a plane, right?  Well clearly not!   I have booked my tickets but have to collect the ticket in two days time and then only then can I reserve my seat.  I am not normal a worried traveller but something about the distance between Bucharest and Budapest if this goes wrong scares me a little.

I love travelling by train as my father used to work for Queensland Rail back in Australia for 19 years.  So we travelled by train throughout Queensland.  Once on train from Richmond to Townsville we were coming close to reaching Townsville, it had been raining heavily in the days before so beside the tracks there was large amounts of water that hadn’t subsided, when the a young boy next door as his father when the first large amount of water past, ‘Daddy is that ocean’.  Now to the person who doesn’t know Australia, to live in outback Australia a very large number of people have never seen large bodies of water let alone the ocean.  I can only imagine the young boys face when he did see the ocean.  It would have been a magical moment.

Perhaps however the fondest memory I have of travelling by train was when we brought a goldfish called Harry.  Harry was purchased on the Sunshine Coast whilst we were on holidays.  Poor little Harry then proceeded back to Richmond with us on the train.  Now this is no mean feat for a goldfish travelling in a plastic bag.  He was put into the wash basin in our sleeper carriage and then hidden whenever the conductors came past.  Harry was a very well travelled fish, its over 1500km and a 3 day journey!

So while I may love travelling by train and I use the metro in Dubai, I have very little experience of the Eastern Europe rail system.   In fact I have none! I once caught a train form London to Paris and back but in terms of travelling else where in the world I am a novice.  So perhaps there will be giggles and tears as I train it on my next trip but one thing is for sure it will be an adventure.

Blessed Be

Robyn xox


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