Miele and me…

After moving into a place never been lived in I had the pleasure or pain as the case may be of using new appliances.  OMG was my first reaction when I saw the Miele dishwasher, oven, hotplates, fridge, washing machine and dryer!!! Then the fun began.

First I tried to open the front loading washing machine door.  Power on at the wall, check; power on the machine, semi check (will explain soon), hit door button to open, fail! So this starts a chain of events, open manual (yes I am clearly female I read manuals) and I have done everything it say.  So we get the maintenance man come have a look.  Embarrassment starts now, he is an older gentlemen, I explain to him what is going on and he goes ‘Ma’am you just need to push the on button a little harder, see’.  Okay when did I become a weak little girl! I don’t think I have ever been that wimpy I couldn’t push in a button.  Hell I have even strip and assembled a weapon as a soldier blind folded yet I can’t push the on button hard enough.

So next I want to use the hotplates to heat up some water to make a cup of tea.  Never been used so after the washing machine debacle I get the manual out first.  Read, read, read, right I know what I am doing.  Turn on at wall, wait for hotplates to adjust, blinking blinking blinking… nothing.  Press on switch still nothing. Okay starting to feel stupid walk around semi furnished flat going, okay its a hotplate can’t seriously be that hard, switch off at all wall start again.  Then frustration hits, lay hand on hotplate conveniently having finger on the one button, LIGHTS UP!!! Apparently one must hold finger a little longer than the impatience I had previously been showing!  Ah a well deserved cup of tea after all that!

So far the rest of the appliances and I haven’t had much drama.  I know the grill in the oven works, grilled cheese on toast was delicious but the silicone baking mat I brought is apparently not for grilling! And must buy a oven mitt as the fancy little no chemical bench wiping cloth melts when holding the tray!

So domestic goddess and Robyn apparently do not go in the same sentence at this point.  That is okay,  I have over 85 odd restaurants or cafes within walking distance and I am sure if the washing machine decides to eat my clothes there are plenty of places that will do my laundry as well.  Still I am a big girl now living in my own place and the adventures just never stop! Plus my high class problems make me smile.  If being frustrated that I am not a domestic goddess or I am appliance challenged with Miele instead of good old LG, then really isn’t life sweet.

Blessed Be!

Robyn xox


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