12,000kms from Mumma

Mumma and I in Jordan

This Mothers Day I am 12,000kms from my Mumma again.  I wish I could see her more often but my journey is well 12,000kms from where I grew up.  Reflecting on Mothers Day though makes me very grateful to have the mother I do.   I guess most people do feel very grateful that they have the mothers they do as well but well they aren’t my mumma so I am ever grateful I have mine.

My mother has had to endue endless pets left at home, starting with Babe the cat, to Bruce and Jenna my beautiful Jack Russells.   Three times she had to call and tell me a grandparent had passed, and twice she has had to let me know that my pets have died.   Each time she delivered the message as best a mother could to a daughter who has gypsy feet.

But her strength and beauty in those moments aren’t the only things I am grateful for.  She has been a willing passenger when I drove from Sydney to Perth and never let her drive once because I wanted to drive the entire way myself.  That trip included some of the best oysters I have ever eaten, thinking we would run out of fuel, and brown snakes scaring the hell out of both of us.  And there have been many mountains, starting from Mt Cooroora when we were kids to Mt Sinai almost a year ago.

Watching my mothers pride when I addressed my home town on Anzac Day to saying sorry to her for being a horrible teenager and young adult my mother makes my heart shine.  From laughing because she can’t sit still long enough to have a cup of coffee without pruning the hedge or watering the plants but being able to play solitaire without moving.  She is extremely special to me!

So today Mumma whilst I can’t be with you my heart is always with you.  I am blessed to be your daughter and to have been raised with the determination that I could do anything I wanted.  Thank you for all your guidance, love and even the mistakes as they have contributed to the woman I am today.  And guess what I like that woman so you did well!!

I love you always!

Blessed Be

Robyn xox


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