Financial insecurity….

Living the dream....

Sorry it’s been a while since I wrote.  I have just moved from the company apartment into my own apartment.  And in a matter of days the personal freedom I have now been given has dramatically increased.  To be able to walk from the bedroom to the kitchen half dressed and to be able to dance in the lounge room because I am not going to get busted by a work colleague oh the joy of it!

Perhaps it was a little ego spoiling with where I choose to live. I now have a rather cute little apartment in the Burj Khalifa, yes that is correct the tallest tower in the world.  Why did I choose here?  Considering I am a little bit of a hippy chick living in the most amazing tower seems a little strange and very egotistical.  But it’s got nothing to do with ego its got to with wanting to part of something completely amazing while I live so far from home.  It also helps remove financial insecurity from my brain.

The financial insecurity is a false fear for me, I have never been in a position that I have to live in street housing or take food from a bin.  I have always been protected and even when I was a university student family and friends protected me.   So now moving into this apartment, which takes my entire allowance, I am facing that fear.  You see I could have easily moved into a different area of Dubai and taken half my allowance for myself but then I would just be living in the fear of not having money.

Last night I went shopping for food for my new place and when I arrived at the walkway from the mall back into the apartment, I left my shopping with the security for the concierge to deliver to my apartment.  It does make me giggle as I walk back from the mall through the people who have just gone up to the 124 floor to see the view and I have to pinch myself and say yep I actually live here!

My thoughts are now being aligned with my dreams; I am feeling very secure in my life being balanced.  If you think star thoughts and know it nothing can stop your world from being aligned.

Blessed Be

Robyn xoxo

Mutt waking up the first morning in the Burj Khalifa


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