Fairytale wedding…

Amazing what memories a Royal wedding can bring up.  I remember watching Lady Diana and Prince Charles get marriage and wishing I was a princess and was marrying my prince.  Ah the innocence of being only 5!!  I remember watching when Prince William was born and the childish fantasies of being his bride.  Clearly that didn’t happen!

You cannot help think of Diana’s death on the day her son gets married and well it makes me think of my own fairytale wedding.  Well at least that is what I hoped it would be.  I wanted my Cinderella wedding, I had the dress, and the romantic notion but that is about it.  My prince charming wasn’t the man I married and the wedding day was that fateful day Diana was killed, the 31 Aug 1997.  So on the day I wanted my fairytale princess wedding my favourite princess is killed.  Bad omen, maybe, maybe not but my marriage was full of naivety and very little real love.  I was in love with the notion of love not him therefore less than 2 years later we separated and in 2000 we divorced

So 14 years later watching a fairytale wedding reminds me of my own history.  I don’t regret my past nor am I ashamed of my divorce status but it certainly wasn’t what I had imagined for myself as an innocent 5 year old already in love with love.   Do I still believe in fairytale weddings? Of course I do!  I choose to believe my prince is waiting for me to be ready and one day he will sweep me off me feet.  Though I would hope that I would have an intimate wedding not with over 2 billion people!!

Blessed Be

Robyn xox


4 thoughts on “Fairytale wedding…

  1. Olivia

    Ah Robyn, I’ve only just found your blog. I’m pleased you enjoyed the big day and shared your reflections around it. I want to reassure you that fairytale weddings are real! I had one and to me it was just like today’s wedding (minus the horse and carriage). The words from the Bishop’s address are what it feels like to me to be married – I had to wait a long time for my prince charming and often felt like I wasn’t worthy/able for a relationship like this but now I know that it was definitely worth the wait and every bit of heartache I went through. Aim high, believe, never compromise yourself and when you find the man who makes your butterfly wings soar then keep hold of him 🙂

  2. Robyn Caddell Post author

    Thanks Olivia! I remember watching your wedding via FB! yes our prince charming is there when we do not compromise and when we believe! I certainly believe more will be revealed to me when I am ready! much love to you xox

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