When I was 15 I was working at a supermarket and while waiting for a friend to walk though the turnstile I smiled at her.  It was then when an elderly couple came up to me and he said, “my dear you have the most amazing smile in the world, it lights up a room”, his wife smiled at me and they left and to this day I have never forgotten it.  At the time I was a gawky teenager; I had just dropped out of school and was working as a shelf packer.  I had little self-esteem at that point but I have never forgotten that man or the fact I have a smile that lights up my world.

 Almost 20 years later I still love to smile. There is a marked difference in how people react to you when you smile. Smiling at the cashier in Park’n’Shop has got them noticing when I am away for a couple of days.  I rarely have issues at immigration, even at 1am in the morning.

But there are many more reasons to smile:

  • Smiling makes you look more attractive and younger
  • Smiling relieves stress and lifts your mood
  • Smiling is good for your physical and mental health
  • Smiling can break cultural boundaries when traveling in foreign countries
  • Smiling can show the people you love how much they make you happy

Smiles can be reflected in your eyes also which I think is the most attractive smile, when the eyes sparkle and whole face lights up!  I have a little dog back home Jenna, she often smiles this kooky dog smile, okay I know some people don’t think dogs smile but to me they do, and she flashes her teeth… funnily enough a bit like I do… animals reflecting their owners.. LOL no comment!

My major reason for me to smile is because “Smiles Are Contagious”.  Other people can quickly and easily catch it and will experience the above benefits of smiling.  So smile at a stranger, smile at a beggar, smile at the security guard at your office, smile just because you can and it will make you feel warm and sunshine inside!

Blessed Be

Robyn xox


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