For the love of books, it has become painfully obvious to me that I am a classic hoarder!  I know all the things, if you haven’t worn it in a year throw it out, get it fixed if it needs repairing, do you really need 3 skirts in the same style different colours blah blah blah but it still doesn’t seem to stop me from having a) millions of shoes I don’t wear, b) thousands of books (least I read 99% of them) and c) half empty beauty product jars (thankfully a number of these are sunscreen so at least I am protecting my skin).

So now the dilemma, I have starting packing to move and I have three bags, two trunks, one snowboard and one box already packed but I still have one very large bag, and one smaller bag plus at least another box for books to go.   Note well I have only been living overseas, including my Afghanistan time, for about two years and living in only one room so how on earth does one person collect so much stuff.  I don’t have any theories for this aside from the fact I enjoy being surrounded by my things.

So I think in preparation of moving I am going to take 95% of it with me and invite a girlfriend over to do a Trinny and Susannah on my wardrobe.  I will try things on and get her to be completely blunt with me.  The girl I am going to ask is nothing if not direct so will have no doubt if it even remotely doesn’t suit me she will bin it.  Now the half empty beauty jars easy, will throw them out.  The books well you guessed it, the super nerd is not parting with any of them.  Why does the thing I love the most have to weigh a ton?!

Today as I go sign the lease I really need to consider truthfully what I need to purchase for my new home, obviously a bed is always handy and a lounge, possibly a TV one day but I have enough knickknacks to decorate it so it still feels like my place!  So as the next chapter of my life continues I am firmly committed to at least one more year in Dubai……how many more books is that?

Blessed Be

Robyn xox


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