World dreamings……

I don’t particularly know when I decided I wanted to travel more but since getting itchy gypsy feet I have started becoming much more worldly and strangely enough I am learning more about myself than the countries I am going too.

When we leave home to travel our experiences depend on how receptive we are.  I did a contiki tour a number of years ago and I recall eating lots of great food in each country and being awed by the history but it was such a rapid trip, 8 countries or so in 12 days.  I had little time and wanted to not think about trying to coordinate anything.  Almost 6 years later my traveling has changed.

Today I still don’t get a super of length of time off but I travel differently now.  Less guided tours and more wanderings.  Google is one of my favourite friends as with Lonely Planet books.  In the last 12 months I have been to a number of countries and only 2 were a guided tour… hmmm not the best, 2 were with work, and 4 were for my own pleasure.  I spent time in a monastery in two countries, and luckily booked a hotel instead of a hostel or backpackers when getting terribly ill in Syria.

But it’s not what I have seen in these countries that has made all the difference but it’s me breaking the bonds of what I had always done in the past.  I took micro buses and taxis with drivers that I was worried were going to take me somewhere completely random.  I ate at local joints and fruit from street sellers.  Sipped Chai while watch monks relax in the sun and climbed mountains.  What it did for me spiritually was the difference.

I felt more peaceful and serene in some of these countries than I have ever done before.  I also finally got the courage to blog whilst in Nepal and after a few more weeks launched my blog.  Travel makes you see the world in different eyes if you travel differently.  Going to completely expat type areas is not going to break the molds of who you are.  And I am not saying for a moment that there is anything wrong with you but for me I needed to break the mold or I was going to stagnate.

The next holiday is booked and it will include mountains (or cable cars to the top, not decided yet), spas and food.  My holidays always include food!  I wonder though, what will I learn about myself on this journey.  Guess I will know in time.  Safe travels were ever you are!

Blessed Be

Robyn xox


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