Faith is a gift I have received….

Time magazine once ran an article on what they called the God Gene.  I am sure they studied how I think and my connection with God.  Let me say though I do not call myself religious despite the fact I often am drawn to religious places all over the world.  I went to church with my Nana when I was younger and over the years have read numerous books on most religions including the Devil Bible (bit bizarre!) but I am deeply spiritual.

Faith was a gift I believe I was born with for whatever reason I have just always believed in something bigger than me. Not hard I am the shortest in my family! Though in all seriousness God is the term I have chosen to use over the years purely because its dog backwards and I am a dog lover and its easy.

Though I did shop religions and spiritual movements for many years I realized I just needed to have a belief system.  It couldn’t be yours or the movement of the moment.   It just had to be something that I could believe in and something that I could lean on when times got tough.

Having a belief system in life has allowed me to cry when things hurt or to look to the sky and say ok so this next challenge is for my own good but please give me the strength to deal with it gracefully.  My belief system has sustained me though the deaths of family, friends and pets.  Through exams and turbulent flights or taxi rides in Syria!  Or to say by the grace of God there go I when thinking about how amazing my life is.

Belief systems should be personnel, I will share with anyone my beliefs if asked but I will never force my views on another.  And without a doubt my “God” is not vengeful but rather loves me and guides me through life in all its ups and downs.  I believe everything happens for a reason.  I look at my fathers’ death, it destroyed my soul for a while but it opened the door for my mother to meet my stepfather, who I could not imagine not being in my life now.  I will always love my father but God gave me someone just as important.

Prayer and meditation are a daily part of my belief that allows me to gain a spiritual grounding to any situation and strengthen my faith.  I have at times not trusted my faith but I have always had it.  When I trust and listen to the guiding clues, like the way my stomach feels when making a decision, and then my life seems to go smoother.  Not perfect, perfect would be boring and life is an adventure.

Blessed Be

Robyn xox



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