75 days ago…..

After working pretty intensely over Christmas I was looking forward to an action packed snowboarding holiday in Bulgaria.  Lessons were booked and a new board purchased when on the very first day on the slopes I broke my coccyx, or as affectionately called after that, my tailfeather.   The joke was clearly on me after working almost six weeks straight but wanting a snowboard adventure  that the universe certainly told me it was time to slow down and take a break, quite literally.

That was 75 days ago and today I got the phone call from the doctor that said he was super shocked at how well I heal.  Not even a line where the facture was.   I am sure it was because for one of the first times I followed orders almost to the letter.  Read I have never been good at following orders despite 12 years military service, quite often I had pink socks on instead of khaki green!  I was told no training; sit on a donut and no stress (last one is laughable).

The last 75 days I have not exercised, rarely walked too far and when I did I suffered greatly at the beginning.  I even brought a lovely donut cushion to sit on, classy look though I must say it works.  Its what has happened in those days of inaction that has made all the difference I think to my recovery?  I am a firm believer that the universe gives you signs and if you don’t take notice it fully hits you or in my case breaks you so you slow down.

I have read more books and been more inspired in those days than I have in a long time.  Napoleon Hill, Dr Wayne Dyer, Chris Guillebeau, numerous Lonely Planets, and books on macrobiotics and Buddhism just to name a few.  What has happened is that a lot of the information I have read during that period made far more sense than it ever has.  I did also manage to slip in a long weekend retreat at a Buddhist Monastery in Nepal just because I could and sitting on my donut cushion in Dubai or in Nepal, no contest Nepal it was! Oh and a work trip to Afghanistan just to spice it up.

Tonight though I did my first real training session.  It was a small but fruitful session that has me now wanting to fall asleep without finishing this.  Nearly 11 weeks off certainly has a massive impact on your fitness levels.  Part of what I have re-learnt is that I must have goals and be realistic about obtaining those goals.  Slowly and with great care I will get myself back to training 6 days a week and running 1 hour with ease.  I cannot get ahead of myself and over train as my coccyx still has up to six months before the nerve tenderness leaves.  Given how well I have healed so far to date I won’t be attempting any long distance runs just yet!

So despite my enforced training ban, the last 75 days have taught me a lot about myself.  Patience is a great virtue and it’s a gift I use infrequently at times.  The next 75 days as I regain my fitness and strength will no doubt teach more about how a positive mental attitude and living in harmony with my values can provide for a life lived with a massive smile


Somewhere up there I left a piece of my tailfeather but gained a little light!

Blessed Be

Robyn xox



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