Hi, I am Robyn Caddell, the Aussie Butterfly.

My life has been a rollercoaster of crazy events but just over 10 years ago there was a catalyst and a definite transformation, it was then that the butterfly emerged. Since thing I have been on an amazing journey of self-discovery, travel, love, and life. I am somewhat unconventional and have a passion for helping others, my family, dogs, rocks and travel. I am an ex Australian solider and a recovering alcoholic. 

I was drawn to Life Coaching when I experienced my second miscarriage, 18 months ago.  At that point, life felt so worthless.  My relationship broke down and my dreams were smashed into a million little pieces but I knew that life could be wonderful and full of happiness.

I have been sober for over 10 years.  During my years of destructive drinking I still had dreams, but the fear of failure, and ironically success; held me back.  Fast forward to now, and being in recovery, I have had adventures all across the world.  I’ve traveled to over 40 countries and I’ve called foreign lands home!  Since getting sober I have changed my career path from soldier and security to humanitarian and now life coach. Regardless of what life throws up I haven’t remained stuck.  Nowadays, when the chips are down for me I challenge myself to do something more remarkable. 

Through adversity I hold onto the quote ‘Dare to be Different’ and succeed in doing so.

My Offering
The possibility of training yourself with the support of a dedicated and empowering coach will bring you unparallelled focus.  The goals become your life’s mission and you’ll be inspired to march forward when you have a mission.

I am powerful in my fitness and know that when I don’t train that everything else falls apart.  When you are in your training zone, everything else in life has more focus. Least that has been my experience. The inconsequential drivel becomes irrelevant because my goals are being achieved in the background.  I automatically focus on the positive things and you can to.  The analogy is direct. 

Depending on the goal, you will have different feelings along the way.  This could be Joy, feeling Scared in a good way, this could be Determination and Passion.  All of a sudden you be doing things that make you feel alive.

People have literally tried to blow me up and the circumstances of life can make it appear that way too. My passion is about connecting with people that are pushing forward, people that want more out of life.  I believe in a higher power, maintaining a positive mental attitude and living life so that it harms none.  My personal mantra is “Inspiration, Believe and Achieve!”

If you want more out of life and want a strong woman to be your coach then I am here for you.
With Love,

“I am going offer a key to life that will unlock everything you want to be.”


7 thoughts on “About

  1. ati

    Hi Robyn, I came to your blog while googling running and kettlebells ( I do both). Then saw the post on Ramadan, I am a muslim, but I also read a lot and learnt a lot from other spiritual systems. I find your blog and your life pretty interesting. I have also traveled and had a pretty interesting life so far, so I figured I should leave a comment. Anyways have fun and see you on the moon!

    1. AussieButterfly Post author

      Thank you for leaving the comment! I took a six month break from blogging but back with lots more smiles! :) love your comment – see you on the moon! Blessed be!

  2. Alexis

    Hi there, you won a prize over on my blog (www.neverleavehere.com) but I’m having trouble contacting you to have it sent to you. Please send me a messages over on FB (www.facebook.com/neverleavehere) so we can arrange the prize. Please get back to me as soon as possible. Thanks! :)

  3. owenskc

    Hi Robyn,

    My name is KC Owens, I’m a college student and I love to travel! While cruising the Internet, I found your site and really enjoyed reading your posts. I have been to countries all over Europe with just my backpack and a camera. Since I am a college student and I have significant bills, it can be difficult to find ways to travel the world. However, I have done this several times, with less than ten pounds of luggage and while on a college dime!

    I was hoping that you would allow me to write a post for your site to share my tips and tricks with your readers. I put a lot of time into my traveling, it is my biggest passion and I would love to inspire others by sharing my stories, mistakes and triumphs. I look forward to hearing from you!


    KC Owens


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