12WBT…Foodies can be fit…

I am under no illusions that I am not physically strong enough to train yet.  A short walk to the mall and back to buy some groceries resulted in me needing a little nap.  I’ve spent the weekend on the couch just trying to rest and rehydrate.

I have struggled to eat over the past week and have only managed to either eat or keep down between 800-1000 calories a day.  Fruit seems to be the only food that I feel like eating which in itself is not bad and I am also drinking vitamin water just to get more nutrients in my body.  I’m slowly starting to feel better but the whole thought of doing a calorie buster workout is about a million miles from my brain.  Hopefully as the week progresses and I manage to eat more calories I will be able to do some light exercise like pilates or bike work.

Hope your training for me!

Blessed be

Robyn xox

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